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About us

Working in the shadows to light up your daily lives

For more than 50 years, at the confluence of two internationally renowned industrial regions, “Frame Valley” in Morez and “Plastic Valley” in Oyonnax, we have been producing sunlenses for millions of frames throughout the world.

Our history

Baby-boom generation

Christian Dalloz fleche Christian Dalloz Sunoptics fleche Dalloz Creations

The company now called Dalloz Creations is older than it looks: our history dates back to 1957.

As a child prodigy – known as Christian Dalloz at the time – we filed our first Cridalon™ patent in the late 1970s. And we’ve been growing ever since.

In 1996, when we reached maturity, we were called Christian Dalloz Sunoptics and were part of the international Bacou-Dalloz group. With this group, we helped set the standards for protection on a global level.

Like so many baby-boomers, we enjoyed the bumper years up until 2000 and then, well into our 40s, the crisis struck.

When regaining our independence (2006), we decided to focus on high-end productions. Today, in the prime of our life, we are helping define the standards of luxury, fashion and sport for high-end eyewear.

Our History

We believe in

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” James Cook.

The world needs adventurers, just like industry needs pioneers. We are the James Cooks of the sunglasses industry, constantly driving back the boundaries.


Shapes & Sizes

Lenses: cylindrical, spherical, toric, elliptocylindrical, multibase – from Base 0 to Base 12

Shields: cylindrical, spherical, multibase – from Base 0 to Base 7

Polar and Photochomic – Overmolded technology

Wafer Polar colors: grey, brown, green

Wafer Polar optimized: light grey for digital reeding

Wafer Photochromic color: Brown, grey. From FC1 to FC4


Our craziest idea

We could have discovered America…

We believe in the craziest projects – the ones that give rise to unique collections. Without that element of madness, some of our collections would have never come into being!


A people-centred company

From staff to partners and clients, we are truly a people-centred company.


Sport, Luxury & Fashion Technics

Dalloz Creations: rising to the challenge of combining high-level sports, haute couture and daily life with elegance and efficiency.


By Dalloz Creations

Polar Bear

A polarizing range (blocks up to 98% of polarized light)



New generation filters that optimize performance

X’TREM Hydroilo

Smudge-proof and hydrophobic

blue blocker

Blocks harmful blue light.

infra red

Blocks infrareds & harmful blue light.


Designed for driving in all weather and light conditions.

Anti reflective

high def

Improved contrasts  & colors perception.

Dalloz creations

boost your

on a daily basis

french tech
at your

every day


By Dalloz Creations

The greatest luxury houses work with us.


The sunlens

Dalloz Creations

Exclusive patented coatings and know-how for 24 carat gold sun lenses, and in 18 carat yellow, white and pink gold. White and amber platinum.


By Dalloz Creations

Keep up
with the present
and build the future

with Dalloz Creations


since the late 1970s

Each year, our collections, tools and team are by your side to help you express your ideas, no matter how crazy they are.



Our know-how

Injection – Varnishing

DALLOZ CREATIONS has 30 molds, ready to inject more than 50 available dimensions, in 6 different raw materials (PC & Renewable PC – Cridal & Recycled Cridal – Nylon & BioNylon)

Thin film coatings

DALLOZ CREATIONS has 20 PVD Coating machines, ready to upgrade your shields & lenses with more than 100 mirrors and technical treatments.

Our know-how


Our Quality department follows all intenational Norms/standards as ISO, ANSI, AS/NZS High end products with more than 7 different quality tests for each productions Certified ISCC+


More than % of our budget is dedicated to R&D. We have the possibility to invent what you need (mold development – new products…)


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